What is Treasure Circle?

TreasureCircle.com is a new form of online shopping that is being developed, now. It has been invented to introduce a new consumer culture that liberates people in how they use their money to get the things they we need for themselves, open up great new possibilities to enjoy life, while also helping others. Unlike typical e-commerce websites that are only interested in selling things, TreasureCircle.com is a future shopping website where one can create a private network with others to freely give goods that are no longer needed, and receive the things that are.  It has the look of the familiar online store, that can include clothes, technology, games, household goods, furniture and even food, but where money doesn’t exchange hands. It’s a safe and convenient way to recirculate and reuse the accumulated, idle and unneeded things that is cluttering our lives. Instead of endlessly holding onto excess possessions, often with commercial storage rent that can get very expensive, Treasure Circle enables you to make more efficient use of your material wealth, by re-circulating it with others. It also works for nonprofits and business, as they often have special needs. Treasure Circle recognizes the value of community, the essential role that money plays in our society, and how the community needs new ways for people to connect with each other, especially when the economy is in flux, employment is uncertain and money is in short supply.

On TreasureCircle.com you “Shop Without Money”®, where people freely give and receive excess possessions or “treasure”, they own to each other in private networks we call “Circles. It changes what we think shopping is all about. There’s no bartering, exchanges… points, digital currency, debt or other “quid pro quo” forms of money. Using the website is like an online store where everything is free, a “Free Store” that can have items that are local in your area or if it’s practical for you.. long distance. Treasure Circle users support the website with a small monthly membership for unlimited activity, instead of paying listing fees and commissions. Most importantly, unlike the “free” classified sites out there that are anonymous, you can control your safety and the predictability of how others will interact with you, for convenience and peace of mind.

Unlike other shopping sites or apps, Treasure Circle gives to you, because that’s what it’s designed for.

  • Instead of spending, you are saving money. You are building your wealth and have freedom to use your unspent money on things more important to you… such as living expenses, transportation, a needed vacation or supporting your favorite nonprofit organization.
  • You eliminate clutter in your life and the storage costs and effort for things you may not even remember that you have.
  • You help the environment by bringing idle consumer goods back into use, reducing the pollution that new manufacturing and landfills create.
  • You create jobs by having things repaired and giving them a new life. This supports your local economy. With an economic crisis in the news almost daily, supporting employment in this way is how you can make a difference.

How It Works.

Why run to the store when something breaks? Instead, go to TreasureCircle.com and search for another one available near you for free… It could be brand new, waiting for you in a closet. Treasure Circle is like a buyers club that is supported by a membership, with the exception that you don’t pay at the checkout. It’s people driven, not profit driven.
As a Treasure Circle user, or “Circler”you can safely get and give goods from & to others. If you need something or have something you don’t need any more, it’s easy to work with others to get it done.