Treasure Circle is a new way to shop being developed which benefits the nonprofit / NGO community and general public. Anyone will be able to “Shop Without Money”® online for needed goods and services, by the giving and receiving freely of unwanted excess consumer goods of others, or “treasure”, in private networks called “Circles. There’s no bartering, exchange points, digital currency, debt or forms of money used. Instead of paying for goods, listing fees and commissions, Treasure Circle users support the website with a small monthly membership for unlimited use. Most importantly, unlike the “free” classified sites of today, you control your privacy for convenience and safety. Treasure Circle is the first project of "Pollytix Benefit Corporation", a New Jersey, USA social enterprise.


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Announcing New “Shop Without Money™” E-commerce

  ® A Social Benefit Company Announcing New “Shop Without Money™” E-commerce. Kickstarter Campaign launches for radical web invention. July 20, 2015, Red Bank, NJ – Pollytix®, a social benefit company, announces its North America crowd-fund campaign on beginning today, to help launch its radically new online marketplace called Redefining what e-commerce is, […]

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Crowd Funding and Getting a Great Idea Across

Raising money through “Crowd funding” today is a fantastic way of reaching many people with a great idea that, if presented properly, can bring some very generous financial support to take a concept to the project stage, and leave many crowd funders in delightful anticipation of having helped & later being rewarded by a successful […]