Our Thanks for a Successful FreeMarket

Our Thanks For a Successful Free Market

Free Market IIWe here at Treasure Circle would like to thank everyone who came to our very first Free Market event on September 19th for making is a complete, rousing success. On a perfect Saturday afternoon you took the time out of your weekend to come down to our office and experience the online service we plan to bring nationwide in-person: People giving away the things they don’t need to others and getting the things they do need for free. One of the best parts of the event was watching the expressions of disbelief that everything was free, because that’s not the kind of world that we live in right now, but it’s the kind we hope to help create.

While many of those who arrived read about us in a local paper or saw one of our signs alongside the road, others simply stopped by to see what was going on. We’re happy to say that over three-quarters of our initial goods were given away by the end of the day, in addition to the items many of you so generously brought to give away because you knew someone could get more use out of it. Witnessing strangers conversing with one another as they looked over the clothing, furniture, tools, books, etc. was perhaps the most rewarding part of the day, because Treasure Circle is about building community and circles of trust with those in your own neighborhood, your own town.

Now that you’ve experienced what we hope to achieve through our online service, we ask that you spread the word to your friends, family, and coworkers. Imagine a website where you can keep the same shopping habits you have when purchasing the things you need online without having to pay for the things you purchase, much like how our Free Market felt like a garage sale but didn’t require you to pay for what you took.

Free Market IIIAwareness and word-of-mouth is key to building the momentum we need to make this dream of ours a reality, so that everyone can benefit from the free circulation of goods amongst those they trust. We plan on holding another Free Market event soon, so keep an eye out for further announcements in the future. Thank you all again so very much for your support, enthusiasm, and kind gestures.

The Treasure Circle Team

Free Market

Free Market in Red Bank

We will be holding a “Free Market” event behind our office at 242B Spring Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701 on Saturday, September 19th, from 9am – 5pm. A “Free Market” represents the core idea behind TreasureCircle.com, that is, a common space where people can bring their unwanted possessions to give them away to others and take things that they need, all without any money exchanging hands. TreasureCircle.com is in essence, an online free market, with additional features that are made possible by the Internet.

Built around the gift economy, it’s socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and good to your pocketbook. In other variations it might also be called a swap meet, free exchange, or outside “free store”

This will be an event open to the general public and advertised  as similar to a garage or boot sale, flea market or swap meet.  Anyone may bring their excess stuff to participate and hang out. You must take home anything that belongs to you that wasn’t given away.

Attendees will be required to register their name and e-mail address in exchange for taking any items. Donations will be accepted during the event, or on our website, but are not required. We will be posting updates soon here to the site and our Facebook page.