About Us

Treasure Circle® Benefit Corporation:

We are part of a new business and social movement developing globally called “Social Enterprise” and represent a new type of for-profit company in the United States called a “Benefit Corporation“. Through social enterprise, Treasure Circle provides direct benefit to the public by using business methods, while committed to improving human and environmental well-being and excluding the singular pursuit of profit. We are community focused and aim to solve challenges posed by a rampant growth of economic, social and environmental problems in our 21st century. We are made of a multidisciplinary team of passionate, driven people with experience in public service, IT, marketing, media, education, the sciences, manufacturing and citizen activism. Our team has been assembled through our unique program in which volunteers may apply their experience and partner with us in a cross-training entrepreneurial work environment called the NeoSchoolsm. Through this relationship, a NeoPartner” may improve their resume or CV, learn new insights/skills to transition to new career, associate with innovators and expand professional networks while creating positive change. Treasure Circle as a company is the fruit of the NeoSchool program, which at this time the workforce is 100% volunteer.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to create products and services for people and IMG_0892(336x252)organizations who work for the common good,  that gives them economic support while they pursue their socially beneficial activities. Working through nonprofits, civic and service organizations, their volunteers and staff, the goal of the TreasureCircle.com website is to spread the benefits of the activity of “Circling” to the general public, being the low-cost, mass re-circulation of excess and unwanted goods that have accumulated and are overflowing in homes, businesses, and other conceivable spaces of our consumerism based society. This mass re-circulation that TreasureCircle makes possible is a patent-pending e-commerce invention and activity we call “Shop Without Money®”, intended to benefit the individual, the community, the environment and the economy.

Our Affiliations:

We are proud to be affiliated with the Rutgers University Law School, Intellectual Property Clinic who provides us with ongoing pro bono legal support, Monmouth University Software Engineering Department and Brookdale Community College Business Departments, who have introduced us to computer science students that helped with our early website development, and the Spoonful of Hope Community Kitchen, a phenomenal charity that’s been providing hurricane disaster relief to New Jersey people in need.

We are also a proud sponsor of the Transition Town Circle of New Jersey, part of a global movement which supports practical approaches for people to find resources and achieve the needed skills to build sustainable, strong, resilient communities in the face of challenges including fossil fuel use, climate change, and the ongoing economic crisis.

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