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Posted on 20/07/2015
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UN Sustainability Treasure Circle Image
The Treasure Circle “Shop Without Money”™ service gives people a new way to shop by creating their own group of people or “Circle,” to receive or give-away unwanted consumer goods they own, in a new culture called the “Circular Economy”. Treasure Circle™ is an invention by Pollytix® founder Alberto Larotonda. It is being introduced as a benefit to the public and nonprofit organizations to remedy the crushing dependency and economic divide that money has created, and has eroded the quality of life in our 21st century.

Starting July 20th, 2015 ,Pollytix® is accepting public help through an Internet activity known as “crowd funding”, on, to help fund the completion and successful launch of Treasure Circle™ in the fall of 2015. Link:

Pollytix® looks to build a sense of community that many want today. People wish for a better economy and lifestyle that they can be a part of. The environment needs more friends. According to Mr. Larotonda, “Pollytix® looks to build a sense of community that many want today. People wish for a better economy and lifestyle that they can be a part of. The environment needs more friends. With Treasure Circle®, the simple act of shopping will make it happen.” helps anyone with unwanted or unneeded items due to many familiar situations such as; years of clutter in the home, relocation, a storage unit that needs to be emptied, or if it’s simply time to lighten the material possessions in your life. Unlike barter, these Treasure Circle™ things are freely given to others with a “Pay it Forward” ethic, while one can receive things just as easy, without using money and could be as local as one’s neighborhood.

How exactly does work? Shop easily, safely and conveniently.

1)Sign up, or start with a free trial and create your confidential profile
2)Find other Treasure Circle™ users and invite them to join you in your own safe circle for money free shopping. You can also invite a nonprofit organization.
3)View existing offers for items available to you, or to all users
4)List your items that you wish to give away
5)Communicate with other users to arrange pickup of an item
6)Return to website and look for more item giving or receiving opportunities.

The Circular Economy is new business thinking in the world, that addresses the reality of a global population that is using more energy and raw materials for its needs than it can soon replace. Buying sustainable or green often hides the one-way trip of consumer goods from factories to people to the landfill. Recycling saves some materials but also uses energy, while a surge of people’s idle and excess consumer goods is feeding a booming self-storage industry. “Going Circular” is the round trip that our civilization needs to take, where goods can be used over and over again in a circular flow of materials and energy that reduces waste while creating jobs.™ leads the circular ideal with a new e-commerce by giving people a simple way to recirculate the things they don’t need, and shop for the things they do, by removing the middleman, “money” from the transaction. Hence, it’s slogan “Shop Without Money™”. stays in motion from a small supporter’s membership and people benefit from unlimited transactions on its website.

About Treasure Circle™™ is invented by Pollytix®, a company whose mission is to help the nonprofit community and the people who work and volunteer for them. It offers the Shop Without Money™ service to liberate people from the crushing dependency and economic divide that money is bringing to our global society. Through Treasure Circle™, Pollytix® aims to create a lifestyle that builds ones wealth, helps the environment, creates jobs and supports a culture where people are able to give of themselves for the benefit of all. The technology behind is patent pending.

About Pollytix®
Pollytix® was founded in 2012 by Alberto Larotonda, a veteran of the environmental, education and IT professions and citizen activist, who together with a team of dedicated volunteer professionals of all walks of life are building New Jersey’s first “Benefit Corporation”, a new legal form of for-profit company that has a nonprofit cause. Pollytix Benefit Corporation is built upon the practice of “social enterprise”, a new wave of businesses whose missions are to directly help society by using business methods.

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