Treasure Circle is a new way to shop being developed which benefits the nonprofit / NGO community and general public. Anyone will be able to “Shop Without Money”® online for needed goods and services, by the giving and receiving freely of unwanted excess consumer goods of others, or “treasure”, in private networks called “Circles. There’s no bartering, exchange points, digital currency, debt or forms of money used. Instead of paying for goods, listing fees and commissions, Treasure Circle users support the website with a small monthly membership for unlimited use. Most importantly, unlike the “free” classified sites of today, you control your privacy for convenience and safety. Treasure Circle is the first project of "Pollytix Benefit Corporation", a New Jersey, USA social enterprise.



The Changing European Mentality About Shopping for Free

When getting things for free, there always seems to be an implicit condition where one has to sacrifice something as “payback” for what they received.  Often times, a donor may look to get something material out of it too, usually a tax deduction. Giving without expectation is freeing, according to Dutch social-entrepreneur & public speaker […]


Recyclepalooza, the Circular Economy, and Treasure Circle

Recyclepalooza, an outdoor event, part of month long Sharefest, in Will County, Illinois, promotes “green” practices, ranging from recycling of household material such as old lumber and paint, to safely disposing of hazardous household material, to reusing of items such as old clothing, books and more. As noted in the September 2015 article, “Junk-Filled Journey” in […]

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Interview With Treasure Circle Founder, Alberto Larotonda

Supporting the ‘Circular Economy’ Sep 29, 2015 By: Anthony Bucci, Assistant Editor Alberto Larotonda, founder of Red Bank-based Treasure Circle, has hopes that unwanted and unused goods from one individual or entity, can benefit others. Larotonda’s website,, is aiming to help redefine what e-commerce is by “giving individuals and businesses a different way to […]

Our Thanks for a Successful FreeMarket

Our Thanks For a Successful Free Market

We here at Treasure Circle would like to thank everyone who came to our very first Free Market event on September 19th for making is a complete, rousing success. On a perfect Saturday afternoon you took the time out of your weekend to come down to our office and experience the online service we plan […]